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Reusing a Condom? 9 Reasons Not to, Next Steps If You Did ...

“If you don’t have an unused condom handy, do other enjoyable sexual activities, such as manual sex, mutual masturbation, or oral sex if STI transmission isn’t a concern,” says Sherry A ...

Why You Should Consider Condoms Even with Your Sex Toys

There's an easy solution: Use a condom with your toys. So you know the safe and discreet ways to shop for sex toys, but once you have them, caring for them and using them safely is a new challenge ...

How to Masturbate with a Condom: 16 Techniques, Sex Toys, Tips

Not really, since the condom does the trick as far as catching come and protecting your toys from fluids and lube. Just roll it off or pull it out and toss it in the trash when you’re done.

Reusing condoms for masterbation | Sexual Intercourse ...

for the past 6 months ive found that i can only really masterbate wearing condoms. but since money and supply is tight i resorted to reusing the same ones. just washing them out after use and letting them dry. Its been about 4 months since ive started doing this. i wash them out at least twice with cold water.

How to Buy Sustainable Sex Toys | Sierra Club

Since the sex-toy recycling market seems so squishy, if you can’t repurpose a sex toy that’s beyond repair, remove the electronic parts and take it to a responsible electronics recycler, like ones certified by E-Stewards. Condoms

Sex-Ed 101: Here’s How to Reduce Chances of a Broken Condom

You should never reuse condoms. Always wear a new condom after the previous one has been used. Use condoms even if you are not having vaginal sex or reusing sex toys. A surprise pregnancy is not the only thing you should worry about.

America's Most Trusted Brand for Condoms & Sexual Health ...

Protect and enhance your sexual pleasure with Trojan™ condoms, lubricants and sex toys from America's most trusted sexual health brand for 100 years.

All the Barriers! All the Time! | Scarleteen

You can also use a dam (or condoms) for safer sex with toys by putting it on your body part you were going to contact with the toy. Don't forget! Latex barriers should not be used with oils or oil-based lubricants, as most will degrade the latex.