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Made by BulletBriefs, Tranzwear,Packing/STP harness. Works for Packing, STP and Play.The All in One Harness... 6.5" penis sleeve/exten.. $178.98. MATURE- MUST BE 18 TO ORDER OR VIEW! OUT NOW! EC PROSTHETICS! 6.5" Penis extension/sleeve. READY TO SHIP... 3" uncut - uncircumcise..

External Penile Prostheses for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Intracavernosal injections, in which a medication called Caverject (alprostadil) Trimix (papaverine, phentolamine, and prostaglandin) is injected into the shaft to increase blood flow to the penis. Internal penile prostheses, in which a flexible or inflatable device is surgically implanted into the shaft of the penis for an "on-demand" erection.

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Our prosthetic's length are determined using the most common method (bone pressed method). The shaft is measured from the pubic bone arch to the tip of the penis (glans). This method was chosen as it represents the standard in the medical field when measuring genitals.

Top 5 Penis Extension & Sleeve By Naughty Nights - EDM Chicago

A penis sleeve is a type of sex toy which a person uses on his penis to feel new experience while having sex. A penis sleeve is also known by different names such as – cock sleeve, penis extension, penis sheath, penis enhancer, external penile prosthetic. The penis sleeve is used to increase the size of the penis.

Realistic Penis Sleeves | High-Quality Products at RX Sleeve

Simply stretch the comfortable silicone loop open and carefully slide your testicles into the hole. Your penis sleeve for ED is safe to use with your favorite lubricant.


The extension is a thick, stretchy sleeve that fits snugly around your shaft, made from lifelike, firm, yet squeezable material, just like the real thing – you won’t be able to tell the difference! Breathe confidence into your every day and reinvigorate your sex life with the most realistic penis enlargement sleeves on the market!

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Very sturdy and durable erection rod is made to secure the inside of the shaft. The rod is integrated into all erect series penis prosthetics. Available in two options: plastic or silicone. Meanwhile all STP rods can be added or removed if required. NOTE: the erection rod in Erect model series is not removable.

15 Best Penis Sleeves: For Erectile Dysfunction, Length ...

The Elator is an external penile support device for people with ED. Unlike a traditional sleeve that covers the entire penis, this device is made of two thin rods that run along the underside of ...

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The most realistic prosthetic you'll ever buy. Every prosthetic we make comes with detailed skin textures and are made of 100% Platinum Silicone. The look and feel of our prosthetics will definetely satisfy anyone with gender dysphoria.

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Each and every order made is custom "built" in the USA by 1 artist and goes through qc tests to insure each piece is ready before shipping, these can take time so expedited production is not available at this time on new orders, sorry for any inconvenience. Covid material shipment delays have extended wait times right now, so please bare with ...