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For a while we thought it was the lube and just hadn't tried the dildo after. We broke up and I purchased a dildo of my own, made of the same substance as the dildo he had bought. Again, extreme burning. I'm not allergic to latex, and I bought another dildo made of a different softer substance that causing no problems.

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Sex & Allergies: Can You Be Allergic To Sex?

There are four ways that latex allergies can be transmitted, three of which can easily occur during sex: Through the skin, like when wearing latex gloves, condoms or using dental dams. Through mucous membranes, as in when a condom, latex sex toy or dental dam is inserted into or comes into contact with the vagina, rectum or mouth.

Latex Allergy: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Types, Treatment, Prevention

A latex allergy is when your body’s immune system overreacts to certain kinds of proteins found in natural rubber latex that’s used to make things like rubber gloves, condoms, and some medical ...

Allergic Reactions During Sexual Intercourse

Symptoms of latex allergy could include localized itching, burning, and rash, or could involve more severe symptoms, including urticaria/angioedema, asthma symptoms, and anaphylaxis. Usually, these symptoms occur within seconds to minutes of latex exposure, although contact dermatitis to latex occurs many hours after latex exposure and involves itchy, blistering skin only at the site of latex exposure.

Latex allergy - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

In a latex allergy, your immune system identifies latex as a harmful substance and triggers certain antibodies to fight it off. The next time you're exposed to latex, these antibodies tell your immune system to release histamine and other chemicals into your bloodstream, producing a range of allergy signs and symptoms.

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Allergy from this is one of the most common sexual allergies and also one of the most dangerous. This is because latex allergy worsens with extended exposure to it and can happen to people ...

What Are the Signs of an Allergic Reaction to Silicone?

Watery eyes are a sign of possible allergic reaction to silicone. Itching skin and a raised, bumpy rash at the site of contact are the most common signs of an allergic reaction to silicone. More generalized symptoms can also include watery eyes, airway constriction, and anaphylactic shock, but these tend to be very rare.

Allergic to Condom: Latex, Spermicide, Symptoms, and More

If you have a latex allergy, your immune system mistakes these proteins for harmful invaders and releases antibodies to fight them off. This immune response may lead to itchiness, inflammation, or...